E07: Tips for a Present Life: Social Media and Smartphones

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Raising kids in a world of so much technology and social media is so overwhelming. We’re one of the first generations to be tackling tech/social media use even just for ourselves, and the thought of raising kids with it can be kind of terrifying. In today’s episode, I attempt to open up the conversation about it and share some ideas and things that have been helping me with my social media and phone use.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The importance of being intentional with technology and social media

  • How raising world changers starts with us

  • Boundary ideas we can set for social media

  • Why I don’t follow a lot of people on Instagram

  • How we control what we consume

  • Why I still let my kids see me on my phone

  • Practical tips for using our phones less

  • Phone boundaries

Mentioned in this episode:


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