E09: How to Design a Home for Your Entire Family with Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom

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Creating a home that is both beautiful and functional, especially with little kids, seems kind of impossible. At least I thought it was until I read Gabrielle Blair’s book, Design Mom: How to Live with Kids - A Room by Room Guide.

Gabrielle is a designer, the creator of popular lifestyle blog Design Mom, NYT best selling author, and a mother of six. She is also the founder of Alt Summit, a conference for creative entrepreneurs & influencers. I read her book, Design Mom, last year and it changed my entire perspective on how I design my home.

Join me in my conversation with Gabrielle as she shares how and why an intentionally designed home is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our families. She shares so many practical, doable tips and you’ll leave this episode feeling encouraged and inspired.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Gabrielle’s heart behind her book and her definition of design

  • How an intentionally designed home is a huge gift to our families

  • How to achieve beauty + function when designing our homes

  • How to approach design in every single room of our homes (Gabrielle literally goes through every room and gives tips for designing them beautifully and with our families in mind).

Mentioned in this episode:


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