E10: Secrets to Abundant Life for the Overwhelmed Mom - With Allie Casazza

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Does motherhood feel more like a hurricane of chaos that you're surviving rather than the awesome, joy-filled season you want it to be? If so, this podcast episode is exactly what you need to hear today.

On todays episode I got to have one of my bucket-list guests on the show. If you’ve been around for even a minute, you’ve probably heard me talk about Allie Casazza. She is a mentor to not only myself, but hundreds of thousands of women all over the world. Her mission is to help overwhelmed women simplify every area of their lives.

Allie has been featured on abc News, Good Morning America, The Today Show - basically all over the internet and tv. This episode is so good. We talk all about minimalism and motherhood and how there is a lie that we are all believing about motherhood that just isn’t true. I am so incredibly grateful to Allie for pouring into us and serving us with her time and her words and I can’t wait for you to join our conversation.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How society has created a lie about motherhood that we’re all believing

  • How motherhood doesn’t have to be an overwhelming, survival season of chaos

  • How minimalism can lead to a more abundant motherhood

  • How minimalism can affect every area of life

  • How being intentional can change your motherhood

  • How to use delegation and automation as a mom

  • How being present with our kids isn’t about the availability of time. It’s what we do with the time we have.

  • Action steps to live a more abundant, peaceful, and intentional life

Mentioned in this episode:


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Allie Casazza and her courses have influenced my motherhood maybe more than anything else. I started listening and learning from Allie before my oldest was born, and now I’m lucky enough to call her a real life friend.

She gave me a shortcut to abundant motherhood that I wouldn’t have otherwise had and I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned into every area and season of motherhood as our family grows and life gets even more full. I feel like I’ve bypassed what so many other moms claim: that motherhood is full of chaos and trying to survive until bedtime.

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