Our (DIY) Family Photos


I LOVE when we get the chance to hire a professional photographer to come take our family photos, but for the last few years we’ve been on an extremely tight budget. We’ve been putting every penny towards paying off our land and saving up for building our forever home next year. Because of this, three years ago I taught myself how to take our own family photos. I’ve grown and learned a ton over the last three years, and I am so proud of the images below.

Every few months I like to take family pictures with us all together to document the season of life we’re in. Time is FLYING by. Like I literally don’t even know where the last 9 months have gone. Being able to take these pictures is so important to me and they are so special. My kids will have these pictures to look back on and show THEIR kids. I just love it.

Last month we all piled into the UTV and drove out our back gate up the mountain. I put all our nice clothes in a garbage bag and laid it in the bed of the UTV so they wouldn’t get dirty on the drive LOL Once we got to the top of the hill we all changed into our nice clothes, I set up my tripod and remote, and started snapping away. We got some funny looks from the random hiker here and there, and one lady did yell at us for having a utility vehicle on the mountain (face palm emoji) but for the most part, we had a blast spending time as a family and watching the sun set over the mountain.

I definitely had a vision for these photos and I love how they turned out. DIY Family Photos can be an awesome way to get pictures of your family if you’re on a budget like us, or even if you just want to have family photos a little more often than you might otherwise be able to. If you want to learn how to take your own family photos, with or without a fancy camera, click HERE.

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Wanna Take your own diy family photos?

You don’t have to be a professional to take beautiful, frame-worthy family photos. The DIY Family Photos course will show you how.

DIY Family Photos is a comprehensive online course that will walk you through every step of how to take your own family photos, with or without a fancy camera.