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Mom Photography 101— Free Guide

Whether you have a fancy camera or an old smart phone - you have everything you need to create pictures you're proud of & tell your family's story.

My heart is to serve YOU and share how photography can transform the way you see your everyday.



  • Downloadable workbook-style guide

  • Access to a private community of photo loving mamas

  • How to use different types of natural light

  • How to find beautiful lighting in your home

  • PDF worksheets

  • Common mistakes you may be making

  • How to be more creative when taking pictures

  • How to edit using free phone apps

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I took the Free Mom Photography 101 course and absolutely loved it! I learned so much and felt so encouraged to not only take better pictures, but to actually get into the pictures with my family. The course was well organized and I feel that Jessie truly cares and wants to make it a great experience. I can’t wait to take the Portraits of Us course next!

— Leah W.

Mom Photography 101 has helped my picture taking abilities immensely. It has enabled me to become a better photographer for my kids and to better document our days. I already have so many framers! It makes me feel less guilty about not being able to afford a professional photographer!

— Nicole G.

I recently took the free Mom Photography 101 and am so thankful for Jessie’s tips and insight. It was easy and fun to follow and left me with both technical and emotional support to just get in the picture already! Thanks for sharing Jessie!

— Ellen (mom of 3)

I took Jessie’s free course and it was fantastic! I loved her tips and tricks for lighting and angles. I use my phone as my camera and I have been dying to take better photos and they are already getting better!

— Amy K.

After going through this free email course I already see a huge improvement in my photography skills! It has been great to see the pictures I take of my kids, and like them enough to actually want to use them. Thanks Jessie!

— Robyn L.