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Intentional Minimalism

“Minimalism doesn't mean owning nothing, it means nothing owns you.”


I get asked about minimalism all the time. It’s something I’m super passionate about, so i’m here to share some of my favorite resources and tips…

For me, minimalism is about living an abundant life. It has nothing to do with how many items we own, how bare our walls are, or how small of a home we can fit into. I call myself an “intentional minimalist” because I don’t like to be legalistic about it, I just don’t want clutter to take away from what I care about most - my family.

Minimalism has changed my life and my motherhood. Because I have fewer physical items and less clutter, I spend less time cleaning our home. I spend less time feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I am a happier, healthier mama because of minimalism.

There are less decisions to be made and less things to worry about. All of this “less” creates room for other things, like spending time with my husband and playing with my babies.

I by no means got here on my own and I will forever be grateful to those who have influenced me. If you’re curious about minimalism but you don’t know where to start, I’ve created a free resource just for you! Click below to receive my free minimalist workshop, 5 Days to Intentional Minimalism where I answer the most common questions about minimalist motherhood & share all of my favorite resources.

What’s Included in the free workshop:

  • How to get started in minimalism

  • PDF checklist: 40 things you can declutter right now

  • How to handle gifts as a minimalist

  • Minimalism: Kids clothing

  • Minimalism: Kids Toys

  • Minimalism life hacks for the overwhelmed mom


“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” - William Morris


Minimalism is freedom. Its adding margin to your life. It’s creating breathing room so you can spend time focused on what truly matters.

- Allie Casazza


My Story

When my husband and I got married, we moved into way too big of a house. I had no vision or really any idea what I was doing when it came to filling that house. I bought the cheapest things I could find, sometimes even broken things from garage sales, just because I thought I needed to fill up the empty spaces. It was a mess, I was a mess. It was never company ready. It would take me at LEAST four hours to get everything clean enough for me to feel like we could open our home to anyone but ourselves.

We experienced a miscarriage in 2016 and I had a few months of feeling extremely down and discouraged. Around this time, we decided to make some bold changes.

We made the decision to stop waiting for our lives to start and we set out to pursue a dream we had. We wanted to buy some property, build a home, and raise our future kids in a place where they would have room to roam and explore.

We started living as minimally as possible in every area of our lives in order to make this dream a reality. We sold our house and got rid of all our stuff except what would fit into a rental mini-van. We loaded up and moved a few hundred miles away to Washington where we bought a piece of land. Over the next nine months we lived in my in-law’s guest bedroom while we spent every day outside together building a little house in the woods.

I made a commitment at that point to make minimalism a permanent part of my life. Never again did I want to experience the kind of physical and mental overwhelm I had previously lived with. I’ve been on a minimalism journey ever since and it has truly changed every area of my life.

Minimalism has been LIFE to my motherhood and even with two kids under two, I’m less stressed. I’m able to manage our home and our lives better than I ever could before kids and minimalism.

Minimalism sounds great. It IS great. But when you are so overwhelmed and weighed down, it can be hard to know where or how to start. I created a free five day minimalism workshop just for moms - to jumpstart your minimalism journey & answer the most common questions. Click below to sign up, it’s free!

“Minimalism doesn’t mean owning nothing. It means nothing owns you.” - Joshua Becker