Jessie Martin Mobile Presets: The Capsule Collection

Jessie Martin Mobile Presets: The Capsule Collection



Custom Made Lightroom Mobile Presets:

  • Preset 01 – Light + Bright

  • Preset 02 – Dark + Moody

  • Installation PDF

  • Video Tutorial

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Custom made Lightroom mobile presets from Jessie Martin.

These presets can be used on the FREE Lightroom Mobile CC app.

There are two presets included, a Light + Bright preset and a Dark + Moody preset.

Both presets are meant to enhance your images and keep them looking natural and true to life. These presets will add depth and life to your photos, while maintaining the integrity and timelessness of your images.

Preset 01 and 02 both have a slight fade, which gives them a subtle film look. Both will make your whites appear whiter and will remove the yellow tint seen in many images.

Preset 01 Light + Bright: This preset is meant for photos that you want to brighten and liven up. It will make your whites whiter and give your images depth.

Preset 02 Dark + Moody: As moms, we don't always take photos in super bright lighting situations or in front of white walls. This preset is meant for photos that are on the moodier side and it will add depth and emotion to your images. It will deepen the shadows to remove distractions while highlighting your subject.

Installation PDF: Included in the preset pack is an installation PDF to assist you in the installation process. You will receive this PDF in an email after you purchase the presets.

Video Tutorial: I've included a video tutorial to show you how to use these presets to their full potential. Although presets are AMAZING tools - they're just that - tools. You will still need to make slight adjustments to each photo to account for the different lighting and setting of each individual photo (i.e. indoor vs. outdoor, full sun vs indoor window light etc.). This video will also show you how to achieve natural skin tones using these presets.


I would LOVE to see your images with these presets! Please use #jessiemartinpresets so I can see your work!


“Jessie’s presets are truly a simple, one-click way to up your Instagram or photo editing game! They’re thoughtfully made & she explains how to use them, tweak your photo with the preset so it really stands out, and how to use Lightroom! I’m so thankful to have found a fellow Mom who is passionate about taking photos of her kids and is so patient with teaching others what she already knows.”

— Ashley C.

As easy as an instagram filter but infinitely more beautiful! You can tell Jessie put a lot of work and thought into her presets because the quality is top notch. Not only are they clean and crisp but they're super easy to install. I've purchased other presets before and have never had customer service like Jessie gives. She's responsive and patient and understanding! She can make any photo feed, wall, or album ready with the touch of a button! I can't recommend these presets enough.

— Kortnee H.

“Jessie Martin is so amazing in so many ways! She has helped guide my photography skills in ways I have wanted to learn for years. I purchased her presets and they are fantastic! Its seriously SO SIMPLE, they add such a good touch and I feel like her presets are so unique compared to others, which I like. I would definitely recommend any of her programs, this girl knows her stuff and she is so eager to help other people learn as well!”

— Ariella T.

“I just wanted to say that purchasing you’re preset pack helped me feel more confident in taking pictures and posting them publicly. Both the light and bright and the dark and moody presets are honestly the best thing since sliced bread, i use both of them on a daily basis. 100% the best thing I purchased in 2018 besides my canon T6!!”

— Alex M.

Jessie’s presets have really changed the nature of my phone photos. I used to feel I could only get great photos on my nicer camera, but these presets help to transform my images! Now even the smallest moment captured on my phone can look beautiful, and I’m so grateful for that! I definitely recommend her presets!

— Hannah O.

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  • These presets have been created specifically for use with Lightroom Mobile ONLY. They are not compatible with the desktop version of Lightroom CC.

  • They can be downloaded directly onto your smartphone via the link included in the Installation PDF.

  • Be sure to download the Installation PDF within 24 hours from the time of purchase, as it will expire within that time frame.

  • Your file will be available for download once payment is confirmed.

  • Because this is a digital download, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

  • Any illegal distribution or re-sale of the presets is strictly prohibited.

  • These presets are copyright protected and are intended to be accessed by a single user only

If you need any assistance with downloading or installing your presets, please email me at